Pinball League: Hardhat Zone for Windows 8.1
Nov 13 2014

HHZ_UniversalAppIf you already own Hardhat Zone on the Phone you can get it today on your Desktop or Tablet for free!
Hardhat Zone is now a Universal App, available on both Windows Phone and Windows 8.1.

“Hardhat Zone” is our new, immersive, “construction site” themed pinball table. A world full of activity, machinery and workers, cranes and bulldozers. Unlock and complete all the stackable modes, collect the bonuses and rack up your score. 

But bragging about your high-score to your friends on Facebook just won’t cut it anymore! Challenge your friends to a simultaneous 2 player Versus match: bump together your NFC equipped devices and connect instantly for a competitive 2 player game! Gain bonuses for yourself and send obstacles to your opponent!

· Photorealistic graphics
· Arcade mayhem
· Refined ball physics
· Vibration feedback
· Tilt mechanics
· Portrait and landscape modes
· 2 player NFC showdown…

…welcome to the Hardhat Zone!