'Pinball League: The Juggler' is #appoftheday
Jan 08 2016


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Today 'Pinball League: The Juggler' is #appoftheday on #myAppFree!


But beware! This is no pinball substitute with sleepy motion and huge flippers! You will have to hone your skills to rise to the top of the World Scoreboard. Test your reflexes, explore new techniques and cheat by tilting if it comes to that! You will curse at the level designer (and he is fine with that!) - But you WILL come back for more!
-3D graphics with multiple moving cameras
-Tilt, tap and nudge your phone to trick the ball
-Fast and accurate physics based on Farseer Physics Engine
-Scoreboard with All times top, Top of the Month and Top of the Day scores

Pinball League: The Juggler was first published on March 23, 2011 for Windows Mobile devices. It's an addictive pinball machine focusing on the phone’s unique features to provide a smooth experience of casual gaming by respecting the mobile format’s challenges.
You can expect online scoreboard, multiple cameras, “tilt” table (via accelerometer), vibrator feedback and original graphics & sfx.